Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My Life in Coconut Cakes (And Tesco Gluten Free Coconut Cake Review)

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to going to the local bakery with my mom and my nan. Sometimes I'd select a ginger bread man and really regret it. That's the thing that first taught me to go for substance over something that looks pretty. Other times I'd go for a fruit tart because I really loved that piece of kiwi on top. Most of the time, however, I'd get the coconut cake. It was my favourite.

I was worried when my local bakery turned into a Braggs, but they still sold coconut cakes, so it was okay. When Braggs got re-branded into a Greggs, the coconut cakes started to disappear. It seemed like you could only find them in working class neighbourhoods, and then after a few years, they were gone from all stores. Throughout the rest of my teens and twenties, every time I went into a Greggs, I always checked for that coconut cake. It was never there, but I still had hope.

During this period of coconut cake searching, when I was at college, I experienced my first heart break. My first boyfriend had been a jerk and we broke up. I hate to admit this now, but I was really angry and kinda sad.

Me and this now ex boyfriend had a mutual friend at the time. On my ex's request, this friend and I took a walk down to the river and in his own way, this friend tried to convince me that my ex wasn't that bad and I should consider getting back with him. My friend tried to convince me by telling me a little analogy...

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: Presents for your Partner

Are you stuck for ideas about what to get your significant other for Christmas? Have you gone through the "gifts for him" or "gifts for her" section in your free Tesco magazine, and decided that it's all too generic and none of it will do? You want something more personal. This guide is for you!

Let's discuss how you can choose the best gifts to make your partner's day perfect.

First rule: Get them what they want, not what you want. This might sound obvious, but I see this happening all the time. Don't get your partner a book because you subconsciously want them to read more. Don't get her clothes she doesn't like because you subconsciously want her to start dressing differently. Okay.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Reasons why PewDiePie is a Modern Expressionist Master

PewDiePie is a great artist. Of course I'm not talking about his YouTube videos (lol). I'm talking about his video thumbnails. I'm pretty sure the majority of you will disagree, but hear me out.

"Expressionism refers to art in which the image of reality is distorted in order to make it expressive of the artist’s inner feelings or ideas." -

PewDiePie expresses his feelings by distorting images of his own face, reminiscent of Munch's The Scream. In this example, PewDiePie is accurately representing what he experienced when he sampled a lot of different whiskeys. He is simultaneously conveying to the audience that he felt lucky to be in possession of those bottles, and the feeling of drinking too much alcohol.

As you can see, PewDiePie also employs geometric shapes - like the ones found in Kandinsky works - to depict the severity of his emotions. In this thumbnail, he is expressing the frustration we all feel when we play a level on a game that is far too difficult.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Morrisons Gluten Free Flapjacks, Brownies & Coffee Cake Review

A short while ago, I stopped eating gluten. The best (and worst) thing about having given up gluten so recently is that I can still remember what delicious, wheat-based food is supposed to taste like.... so I'm in a great position to tell all of you other gluten-dodgers which products taste legit and which taste sh*t.

We're starting with Morrisons Free From slices range. So far I've managed to get my hands on the brownies, the flapjacks and the coffee cake slices. All of these products are gluten free, wheat free, milk free, and come in packs of 4 slices.