Monday, 30 October 2017

Morrisons Gluten Free Flapjacks, Brownies & Coffee Cake Review

A short while ago, I stopped eating gluten. The best (and worst) thing about having given up gluten so recently is that I can still remember what delicious, wheat-based food is supposed to taste like.... so I'm in a great position to tell all of you other gluten-dodgers which products taste legit and which taste sh*t.

We're starting with Morrisons Free From slices range. So far I've managed to get my hands on the brownies, the flapjacks and the coffee cake slices. All of these products are gluten free, wheat free, milk free, and come in packs of 4 slices.

Morrisons Free From Flapjack Slices - £1.42

Yep, these taste good. They hold their shape well and don't crumble apart. They're not dry at all and not super sticky. It says on the packet that they have chunky oats, but I'd consider them fairly small oats compared to most flapjacks I've had. They have a hint of honey which makes them taste slightly different from the standard all-syrup flapjack. Logically, there shouldn't be that much difference between a gluten free flapjack and a non gluten free flapjack. The only difference, surely, should be that the manufacturer has to source gluten free oats? So even though this product is good for a gluten free product, I have to mark it down because it could be better. It should be exactly the same quality as a "normal" flapjack... but it's not quite there.

Four thumbs up.

Morrisons Free From Choc Chip Brownies - £1.63

Wow, these brownies are delicious. They have a slight crisp to their edges and they are so moist, but not gooey, in the middle. The chocolate taste is rich, it doesn't taste too fake or cheap, nor too sweet. Not too messy. Break apart beautifully. Yes, I'd highly recommend these. Going to be buying these on a regular basis. One of the best brownies I've ever had. Much better than a lot of standard brownies. YUM!

Five thumbs up.

Morrisons Free From Coffee Cake Slices - £1.63

Nope. This cake does not taste like coffee, it tastes like burnt cake. The cake itself is too dry as well. The topping is okay, it's not too sweet, the texture is good, but overall, it's way too bland, to the point of having almost no taste... I couldn't finish eating this. Enough said.

One thumb up because I don't want to hurt the baker's feelings.

Let me know what you think of these cakes if you end up buying them and comment below if you want me to test any other gluten free products for you. :)


  1. I like your mini slate plates. Also, that coffee one sounds dire. i think you should hurt the bakers feelings, otherwise they will carry on making shit coffee cakes.

    1. Thank you! And hahaha, I just don't think I could live with myself if I made a baker cry.