Sunday, 12 November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: Presents for your Partner

Are you stuck for ideas about what to get your significant other for Christmas? Have you gone through the "gifts for him" or "gifts for her" section in your free Tesco magazine, and decided that it's all too generic and none of it will do? You want something more personal. This guide is for you!

Let's discuss how you can choose the best gifts to make your partner's day perfect.

First rule: Get them what they want, not what you want. This might sound obvious, but I see this happening all the time. Don't get your partner a book because you subconsciously want them to read more. Don't get her clothes she doesn't like because you subconsciously want her to start dressing differently. Okay.

So what do they want? You listen to your partner, right? What have they said they wanted to buy throughout the year that you've turned your nose up at, didn't have time for, or didn't have money for at the time? Think... Was it a gadget? Was it tickets to see a show or a game? A piece of jewelry? A video game? Pick one of the things they've said they've wanted throughout the year and didn't get. Get them that.

Ahh, but what can you do if you haven't listened to your partner? Well, if you don't care enough to listen to your partner throughout the year, you don't care about them enough to get them a thoughtful Christmas present, so make peace with the fact they're going to get something generic. Don't feel bad about it. You don't care about them and they'll get the message. It's probably for the best.

Oooh, you do listen and care, but have a bad memory? Okay, there's only one solution: Swallow your pride and ask them what they want, repeatedly if necessary. If they say, "Surprise me", do not accept it. Lovingly explain to them that surprises are only great if you get them right and don't want to risk it. Ask them what they want and get them exactly that. In addition to that, get them a cheaper, surprise present to show that you've thought about them. If they've got what they want, it's literally only the thought that counts with the second present. All bases covered. They'll be happy.

Keep in mind when you're shopping, that the key to a successful present is that it is thoughtful and that it is wanted/needed.

If you follow these tips you will be the best gift-giver in all the land! (And if your partner is still not happy, then seriously, you need to tell them to chill the f*ck out, and that's the best gift you can give them ;) )

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